Ebook Cho các bạn mới học : Android Beginning

My problem in android 

  1. How to send and recieve JSON form and to service REST in android
  2. Drag and Drop in Android
  3. Basics Junit in Android – (
  4. Dowload Image in android
  5. Send and recieve SMS in android

Android ( Thầy Thanh  –

  1. Set android enviroment for programming
  2. Android Virtual Device and DDMS
  3. Create Android Project
  4. Fix normal error in android
  5. Life cycle of android application
  6. Foreground Lifetime and Visible Lifetime
  7. Foreground Lifetime and Visible Lifetime
  8. Layout in android
  9. Event listener in android
  10. Toast Notification and Alert Diaglog
  11. TextView – EditText – Button
  12. CheckBox – RadioButton in android
  13. TextView, EditText, CheckBox, Button và ImageButton in Android
  14. ListView in Android
  15. Custom layout for ListView in android
  16. Spinner in Android
  17. Spinner with Listview Example
  18. AutocompleteTextView and MultiAutocompleteTextView
  19. Datasource for AutoCompleteView at runtime
  20. GridView in android
  21. DatePickerDialog and TimePickerDialog in Android
  22. Tap selector in android
  23. Menu in android
  24. MenuContext in android
  25. Intent in android
  26. Employee Management Basic in Android
  27. Multi language ​​in Android
  28. Store Data in android
  29. SQLite in android
  30. Content Provider + SQLite
  31. Service in Android

2 Responses to “Android”

  1. kobee Says:

    Using host in case connection timeout ( proxy blok) (GENYMOTION) SIMULATOR for android

  2. kobee Says:

    “The connection to adb is down, and a severe error has occured.”
    Close the Eclipse if running
    Go to the Android SDK platform-tools directory in Command Prompt
    type adb kill-server
    then type adb start-server
    No error message is thrown while starting ADB server, then adb is started successfully.
    Now you can start Eclipse again.
    it worked for me this way, Eclipse should be closed before issuing these commands.

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