Parsing XML

Hi everyone . To day i will introduce about parsing XML form server response for client. We will use js to process it.

Note :
-How to treat the Ajax response as XML

  • var xmlDoc = response.responseXML;

How to get an array of subelements

  • xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName(…)

-How to get an attribute of an element

  • someElement.getAttribute(…)

-How to get the body content of an e lement

  • someElement.firstChild.nodeValue

– The top-level element

  • xmlDoc.documentElement (and …nodeName)

– An element’s main tag name

  • someElement.nodeName

– All attributes of an element

  • someElement.attributes

– Child nodes of an element

  • someElement.childNodes

Summary of Main Classes:

  • Document class


  • documentElement


  • getElementsByTagName, getElementById (HTML only )
  • Element class


  • getAttribute, getElementsByTagName, hasAttribute
  • Node


  • attributes, childNodes, firstChild, lastChild, nextSibling, nodeName, nodeType, nodeValue, parentNode, previousSibling


  • hasAttributes, hasChildNodes, normalize

We have the file js when server respone to client:

// Server response for client.
var test =
"<customers rating='vip'>" +
 "<customer id= 'a1234 '>" +
 "<firstName>Rafael</firstName>" +
 "<lastName>Nadal</lastName>" +
 "</customer>" +
 "<customer id='a1235'>" +
 "<firstName>Roger</firstName>" +
 "<lastName>Federer</lastName>" +
 "</customer> " +


function getXmlDoc(xmlString) {
 var parser = new DOMParser();
 var xmlDocument =
 parser.parseFromString(xmlString, "application/xml");

var testDoc = getXmlDoc(test);



var rafie = testDoc.getElementsByTagName("customer")[0];

OK . We can test it…..Good luck to you.

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